Bible Stories #7: A Trip With A Mummy

So Joseph brought all of his family down to Egypt, but his dad was really old and died pretty soon after he got there. So his kids got him embalmed, and then carried his body back up to their old stomping grounds, then headed back to Egypt to spend a couple hundred years in slavery.

If you’re going to get embalmed, Ancient Egypt was a pretty good place to get the job done. Actually they’re kind of famous for it. My mind goes to King Tut. I have no idea what he did when he was alive, but he made a pretty great mummy when he died.

It gets me thinking; if Jacob got involved in Egypt it would make sense that the job was done by the pros. When Joseph died he was also embalmed. Apparently the Israelites carried his bones through the dessert when they left Egypt; which is pretty gangster.

Jospeh is also suppose to have been buried in Israel.

I seriously hope that there are a couple of mummy’s buried somewhere in the Israeli countryside.

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14 thoughts on “Bible Stories #7: A Trip With A Mummy

  1. I never saw the gangster side of the story before. I may steal that for a Sunday School lesson. The Israelites were slaves for 430 years.

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