753: Ask Me A Question

Seriously, ask me about anything. Philosophy, love, politics, the meaning of life, quantum computing, the more complicated the better and I will answer it in an essay.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to be altruistic by offering my advice to the world. Frankly, the world could do just fine without my advice. I am selfishly looking for material to write essays on, and am shamelessly trying to hoodwink the loyal readers of this blog into providing it.

So watcha got?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


29 thoughts on “753: Ask Me A Question

  1. Will we get to see the final products that result from our answers? Uh-oh. Is there a limit on questions? If not, and I get three questions, what is one question you will never answer?

  2. Do the Amish in Wisconsin have a cultural influence on the life of the State or are they simply there and minding their own business? (See – I’m not just a pretty face).

  3. At first, I felt the pressure of coming up with a witty question worthy of your time. Then, I read the questions in this comment section and figured I could never think of a witty one better than any of those. So, I will ask – what is your reason for living?

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