581: Every Single Dart

Cordelia was very good at darts. So good that she had her own dartboard in the basement. When friends came over she would frequently challenge them to a game of darts.

Brett should have known this, but he didn’t.

“Hey Brett, want to play darts?” Asked Cordelia.

Do you think Brett won? Nope. Brett sucked at darts. This shouldn’t have been a big deal, but Brett was a terrible loser, and inadvertently stuck one of the darts in his pocket.

Cordelia always counted her darts before going to sleep, so she was totally aware that one was missing. “Maybe Brett took it.” Thought Cordelia. “I’ll bug him about it once he cools down a bit.”

The next morning Cordelia was found dead, with a dart in her neck.

Upon closer examination it was found that every single dart she owned was accounted for.

Photo by lehandross on Pexels.com

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