790: No Worries

Don’t you worry Issachar Random words painted in stars Will tell you to get in your car Should you drive it off a cliff You will then become a stiff But there’s still nothing that bars Stiffs from robbing cookie jars Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

662: The Problem With Stars

The problem with stars is that there are too many of them. How can the stars be counted, organized, manipulated and governed when they are so numerous? Moreover, stars have been shown to contribute to galactic warming, a trend which clearly must be addressed with increased regulation. How must we address the serious issues presented…


625: The Big Hit

Marco gripped the bat tightly, sweat beaded up on his brow as he stared out at the pitchers mound. The pitch. Marco squinted at the ball, and swung. It was a big swing. The bat connected, and the ball flew out of the park. The cover tore off the ball, and it began to burn.…