830: Was Robin Hood Brain Damaged?

Robin Hood; prince of thieves, guardian of Sherwood forest, outlaw, scourge of the sheriff of Nottingham, seriously brain damaged?

It’s a question worth asking. The typical day for Robin Hood, if stories are to be believed, was compromised of Robin Hood wandering around Sherwood forest until he happened upon some stranger, whom he would summarily challenge to a game wherein the contestants would beat each other over the head with large clubs until one of the contestants got knocked out or couldn’t get up.

I’m no medical expert, but I think that if you get whacked on the head that much it could cause brain damage.

Probably pretty serious brain damage. Pretty impressive that with all that brain damage he’s still able to coolly outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham on almost a daily basis, sing songs, disrupt weddings and do all of the things that Robin Hood does.

Just think of what he could have accomplished without all that brain damage.

Sketch of Robin Hood (1852) print in high resolution by Richard Dadd.


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