822: The Zen Master’s Spare Tire

There was once a Zen master who went on a cross country road trip across America. He was just outside of West Union Iowa when his rear passenger side tire blew.

“Did you bring a spare?” Asked his annoying wife, Geraldine.

The Zen master stared at the flat tire for seven minutes, then turned and replied to his annoying wife, Geraldine.

“The question is not whether or not I brought a spare, but whether I have the capacity to recognize spareness.

Geraldine was confused.

“You see,” the Zen master continued, “a tire is merely a conglomeration of elemental materials, while it may seem like the tire is a thing in and of itself, the reality is that it is merely a part of process. For a short time certain elements may form in such a way that they resemble something which we refer to as a tire, but in reality this form is only present for a short time, before the elements continue their process by resembling something else. While you see this as a flat tire, the reality is that there is nothing here but physical elements on a journey between shifting forms. That is all there has ever been.”

“Cool story, but how’s that going to get us back to town?” Asked the Zen Master’s annoying wife, Geraldine.

“It’s West Union.” The Zen Master replied. “There’s nothing but a Casey’s there anyway.”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


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