799: Human Unity

There is only one thing which unites humanity: it is a very simple thing, really. The thing which unites humanity is the little plastic clips which clasp bread bags together.

Don’t ask me to explain. You would be asking too much. To be honest, there are a lot of things I don’t understand. One of those things is why the clasps on bread bags unite humanity. But never mind all of that. The bread bag clasps are all we’ve got. Thery are the only barrier between civilization and utter chaos.

Think about that the next time you untie a loaf of bread.

I have been taking a leave of absence from WordPress while I wrote and directed a hit play. Now that I’m not in rehearsal every night I will be able to write some stuff her on occasion.

Photo by mododeolhar on Pexels.com

17 thoughts on “799: Human Unity

  1. Of course I want to hear more about this hit play. I shall google (probably unsuccessfully). Regarding those plastic clips. We bake our own bread so I feel utterly desolate. I’m nasty and desolate enough to be looking forward to November 8th when I feel your plastic clip unification theory may come to naught. .

  2. We’d all like a bit more about the play, of course, but those little plastic clips hold many different types of bread closed. hot dog buns, whole wheat and even pumpernickel. Plus, if you need a guitar pick quickly, perhaps to play Kumbaya around the campfire, they will do in a pinch for that, too.

  3. It’s a popular click bait theme too. I’ve never quite got to the final answer of why I would never believe how important the bread bag clips are. Perhaps you explained it in your hit play? Congratulations on that by the way, and it’s always good to see your posts pop up.

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