24 thoughts on “789: All My Socks

  1. Judging from the photo I’m not surprised your socks have holes because they hung upside down. How can the water drip out if there’s no hole? And P.S. There was no need to swear.

      • Dizzying heights. This guy was a history professor too. He once told a story about how when he was a kid during World War II he lived next to a junkyard. There was a national rubber drive going on to gather rubber for the boys on the front lines, and people would come from near and far with their used tires. The smoke from the burning tires floated over his house both day and night.

      • Over here (just reminded me) a “rubber” is what you call (I think) an “eraser”? Many a New Zealand exchange student has been caught out by asking in a loud voice in an American classroom, “Has anyone got a rubber?”

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