Bible Stories #23: Asking For A Bramble

Gideon is mostly famous for putting out fleeces in the dew and watching his soldiers drink water, but after he died there was a bit of a power vacuum in the land of Israel. Gideon’s son Abimelech decided to step into the void, and convinced a bunch of his relatives that he was the man for the job. He convinced the relatives to give him a bunch of money, then Abimelech used the money to pay a lot of stupid people to do whatever he said.

The first thing Abimelech decided to do was to kill his brothers. Which was quite an undertaking considering there were around seventy of them. He killed all of them, except his youngest brother, a boy named Jotham.

Jotham was smart enough to run for the hills.

When Jotham heard that his brothers had been killed he jumped up on a mountain and told a story.

Once up a time the trees decided that they needed a king. They went to the olive tree, and asked him if he wanted to be king. But the olive tree was too busy making olives. Next they went to the fig, but the fig tree was too busy making figs. Then they went to the vine, but the vine was making grapes. Finally, they went to a scraggly, thorny bramble bush, and asked the bramble if he wanted to be king. The bramble didn’t have anything better to do.

When you ask for a bramble, a bramble is what you get.

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