784: No More Troll Farms

Over the last few years Troll Farms of all shapes and sizes have been popping up around the globe. Although startling reports have emerged about the condition of these farms, little has been done to contain the environmental damage caused by these monstrous aberrations of nature.

The noxious fumes and vapors which emanate from these confined operations are impossible to ignore, especially for those unfortunate enough to pass within nine-million miles of them. Much has be said about containing the fumes and vapors, but a deeper truth has gone almost entirely unexplored.

Once created, these fumes and vapors are almost impossible to contain. While all trolls produce unpleasant odors and excessive amounts of excrement, the vast distances over which they roam in their natural habitat mitigates the effects of these unpleasant attributes.

However, when they are confined to a small location the effects of these issues is magnified in a sometimes uncontrollable manner. Trying to control the odors of a troll farm is akin to squeezing blood from a turnip: it can only be done with a great amount of pain and effort.

A better alternative is to let trolls live in their natural habitat, without the crushing burden of confinement. This alternative is made all the more attractive by the fact that while the downside of confined troll farming operations is evident to all there appears to be very little upside. What troll farmers stand to gain by their cruel and inhumane treatment of these woodland creatures is an utter mystery.

While many have attempted to control the damages cause by confined trolls, few have examined the much more obvious solution. Trolls should no be farmed. They should be left in the wild to live their own lives, and occasionally turn to stone when the sun comes up.

Photo by Martin Damboldt on Pexels.com


16 thoughts on “784: No More Troll Farms

  1. You make an excellent point. Trolls should be left to roam free in their natural habitat and should never be gathered together in a tight, smelly group. I suspect this abomination is why we are all still wearing masks. #StopTrollFarms #BanTrollFarming

  2. You know, for once I disagree. These trolls need to be kept in check. Although, personally I would’ve gone with the nuclear option but domestication will do for now

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