780: A Fine Education

Dr. A. Heyerdale Mecklenberg VII was professor of linguistic interpretation and alternative theory at the prestigious Chicago Societal College of Arts, Literature and Philosophy and 73rd street.

At least, that was what he claimed.

In reality, of course, he was the front man for an international diamond smuggling ring run out of Budapest. Dr Mecklenberg found it to be a convenient front, as many of his most loyal customers were parents of SCALP students.

And so it was that on an evening in late July Mecklenberg was hawking diamonds to Julia Mearshanbeam’s mother, a delicate woman with a voracious appetite for fine jewelry.

Julia’s mother was named Ted.

“Where do you get these fine Diamonds?” Asked Julia’s mother.

‘I Can’t tell you.” Said Mecklenberg.

Julia’s mother thought it was all very romantic.

They were married three weeks later.

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com


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