750: Heads I Win

Honestly, I just got tired of it.

It started when I was in grade school. Any trivial dispute that came up, and the quarters were sure to come out. “Heads I win, tails you lose.” Sneered the face on the other side of George Washington’s.

I never won.

As I grew up I began to obsess over those coin tosses. It seemed there was nothing I could do, I was doomed to a life of failure.

Then, one day, I stooped over to pick a penny off of the sidewalk, and arrived at an astonishing discovery. The penny wouldn’t budge. It had been placed on the wet concrete, and was now an immovable part of the sidewalk.

Obviously this penny could not be flipped. But was there a lesson in it that I could apply to my problem with the coin flip? I thought there might be.

I went home and thought on it. After a while I went out into my shop and started to make a one sided coin. I was putting on the finishing touches when Brent walked in. Now if there’s one thing Brent can’t refuse it’s a good coin flip.

“Heads I win.” I grinned at Brent.

“Sure.” Said Brent.

It was tails.

Photo by Jeff Weese on Pexels.com


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