749: Better Than A Poke in The Eye

I found a thing while I was out exploring, so I picked it up and put it in my pocket. It was small, so it fit really good.

When I got back home I was hungry, so I sat ate a sandwich, and my Mom yelled at me because my boots were muddy.

“Just because you go out exploring doesn’t mean you can come inside with muddy boots.” Mom said. She was wrong, but it wasn’t like I could tell her that. So I went into the living room where my brother was crashed out in front of the TV playing a video game.

“I went exploring.” I told him.

“Find anything?” He asked, not even glancing up from his game.

“Yeah, I did.” I pulled the thing from my pocket.

“That’s not much.” He said.

I poked him in the eye.

Photo by Rebecca Swafford on Pexels.com


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