744: Geometric Angling

The signs are obvious. A car pulled over to the side of the road, windows cracked. A pleasant stream gurgling nearby. Look closer and you will be sure to spot an angler, passing a pleasant summer day at his favorite fishing hole.

While many people mistakenly view this pass time as an art, the fact is that it’s a precise science dealing squarely in the realm of geometric planes.

Just ask the old man casting his line into the stream, and he will tell you.

One such old man is Obadiah Summerfield.

“You can’t be an angler if you don’t understand angles.” Says Obadiah, as he casts his line. His fishing pole extends from his body at an angle of 23 1/2, his wrist bent and precisely 11 degrees, and fingers curled delicate around the diameter of his fishing pole handle in an intricate display of geometric complexity.

To top it off, Obadiah is a master at creative measurement schemes, but don’t ask him who he comes up with the weights and lengths of the fish he catches. Such knowledge is proprietary, and it takes years of discipline and hard work to acquire the skill to use it.

Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com

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