739: The Fisherman’s Quest

There was once a farmer who had three sons, Nedrock, Jonas and Abimadiah. Now Nedrock, Jonas and Abimadiah were strong young men, stalwart in the ways of the world and such, and they worked on their father’s farms, raising beets with their Uncle Dwigt.

And their was, in that same town, a fisherman by the name of Bimalbad who would go out fishing every day, and every evening he would bring his fish to the fish market and sell them for a handsome profit, for they were always the plumpest fish at the market.

Now Nedrock, Jonas and Abimadiah were terrible practical jokers, and one day they decided to pull a practical joke on Bimalbad the fisherman. As he was on his way to the market they ransacked his wagon, stealing his fish and locking them up in one of the barns back on the farm. Bimalbad himself they dumped far out into the ocean, and it took him hours to swim back to shore.

When he got back to shore Bimalbad marched himself to the home of the three boys, and called out in a loud voice: “Gimme the beet boys, and free my sole!”

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com


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