731: Lubricate Your Mind

We must lubricate the engines of our minds. It is the only way for us to progress forward in life. The road to success does not lie in the tattered use of force which characterizes our belief system, but in constantly applying our mental faculties to new pursuits which increase our neural plasticity. A mind which is not properly lubricated is like an engine which is asked to run without oil; it will soon seize up and become nothing more than a rusty pile of scrap metal.

But I see that you have already heeded my advice. It’s really most admirable of you to put so much effort into bettering yourself. It will bring you a long and prosperous future.

Say, is this what you used for lubricant? Yeah, you shouldn’t have used Loctite.

Photo by meo on Pexels.com


23 thoughts on “731: Lubricate Your Mind

  1. Being a dirty foreigner I had to Google Loctite. It said it was “Block Adhesive”. I have been called a Blockhead before and am glad to have found something that will stick my block together.

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