724: Pinochle and The Fish

And there was a puppet maker named Gelato, who had neither friends nor family and lived by himself in a hut by the side of the sea. And in the mornings he would cast his net into the sea, and draw fish out of it, and he would eat the fish.

“I am tired of eating fish.” Said Gelato. “It grieves me that my closest connection to living creatures are to those that I devour.”

Gelato briefly considered becoming a vegetarian, but thought better of it. “I revolt at the taste of vegetables. Said Gelato, “I would rather be a hard cruel man who eats the only living creatures he sees than sustain myself on the plants of the earth.”

And so Gelato continued to cast his net into the sea. One day, as he was casting his net into the sea, a mighty storm came up and blew upon the land. Just then an enormous fish landed in Gelato’s net. “Release me!” Called out the fish, “and I will grant you whatever you desire.”

So Gelato released the fish. But, alas, the fish was a liar.

I wish I had a friend, thought Gelato. He went through all of the possibilities for acquiring a friend. None of them seemed likely to happen. “I guess if I want a friend I’m just going to have to make one.” Said Gelato. He made a little boy out of wood, with strings attached to his arms and legs. And he named the boy Pinochle, because his greatest desire was to have someone to play Pinochle with in his old age.

As Gelato played with Pinochle’s strings, and moved his arms and legs up and down he got a brilliant idea.

“Maybe I have been going about my fishing all wrong,” thought Gelato. “What if I put a spool on a stick, and attached a string to the spool with a hook attached to it. Then I could throw the string out into the water, and the fish will bite on the hook, and I will wind up the spool and pull the fish onto shore.”

And Gelato did exactly that, revolutionizing the fishing industry and creating a very successful business for himself.

Gelato was so busy running his fishing pole business that he totally forgot about Pinochle. Naturally, the boy was upset that Gelato was not paying attention to him, so he skulked off to the sea where he was eaten by a giant fish who had a penchant for lying.

Pinochle spent forty days and forty nights in the belly of the fish, and on the morning of the forty first day he noticed that the fish had swallowed a large hook. Pinochle grabbed onto the hook, and the string which was attached to the hook pulled tight, dragging Pinochle out of the belly of the fish, through the water, and onto dry land, where Gelato was winding the string onto a spool, which was attached to a long stick.

Pinochle was very happy to be rescued from the belly of the fish. He jumped onto the beach next to Gelato and began to dance.

“I’m a reel boy!” He shouted.

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

20 thoughts on “724: Pinochle and The Fish

  1. This was fascinating from start to finish. The last line – brilliant. However, you get an F for this assignment. (Unless you’re in California where D and F grades are being phased out.) Didn’t learn that you cannot start a sentence with “and?”

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