723: Buying a Pound of Them

Special thanks to Mr. Ohh! for providing todays opening line. Mr. Ohh! is the king of all things humorous and laughable. His blog is well worth a laugh. I mean read.

And I thought buying a pound of them would be a good idea. I’m not saying it was the most thought out decision I’ve every made in my life, but it did seem like a good idea. So I went down to the hardware store, and asked for a pound. The lady at the hardware store just looked at me with this weird look on her face. I thought maybe she hadn’t heard me, so I said it louder.

She just kept looking at me.

“Can I have a pound of them?” I asked.

“Let me talk to my manager.” She said.

That was three hours ago.

I wonder if she’s avoiding me.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com


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