699: The Dark Side Of The Broom

There are two sides to every broom, but as far as the inhabitants of Spitzberg-Upon-Flower were concerned there was only one broom.

The broom.

When the children of Spitzberg-Upon-Flower were tucked in at night they would gaze out of their windows at the bright side of the broom. But secretly, in their heart of hearts, they wondered about what lay on the other side.

No one ever dared to find out.

No one, that is, until Leopold Spitzenbrunner and Anastasia Manly.

Of course it was Anastasia’s idea. Such an expedition never would have occurred to Leopold, but when Anastasia suggested it he readily agreed.

No one ever called Leopold Spitzenbrunner chicken.

And so one night, after all of the children had gone to sleep, Anastasia tapped on Leopold’s window.

“Time to go.” She said.

Leopold pulled on his pants and hopped out the window. The two children crept through the streets, and arrived at the edge of town where they gazed across McGuilister’s sheep pasture.

The broom was just on the other side. They crossed the fence, and snuck stealthily towards it. They arrived at the edge of the broom, and skirted carefully around it, being careful to avoid wayward bristles. When they got to the end of the broom they paused for a moment, their hearts racing as they considered what might be on the other side.

“You ready?” Asked Anastasia.

No one ever called Leopold a chicken. They turned the corner, and saw what lay on the dark side of the broom.

“We can’t speak of this to anyone.” Said Anastasia.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


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