674: Boyfriend Has Different Credit Card

Dear Adeline,

I have this really terrific boyfriend. He’s thoughtful, and considerate, and he cooks me food. All of this is great, but I’m starting to have some concerns. It started when he ordered an ice cream for me at the dairy queen. I noticed that he used a mastercard, but I’ve always used visa. Do you think it’s reasonable of me to be turned off by something like that? Should I be having second thoughts about this relationship.



Dear Penny,

You are absolutely correct to be having second thoughts. While there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer when it comes to which credit card you should be using on a personal basis, it’s important to stick to your principles and not let them be corrupted by a significant other. Your significant other doesn’t have to agree with you on everything, but if they convince you to change your ways, or alter you emotionally or mentally in any way, it sets a dangerous precedent. The danger that different thoughts or practices will corrupt your life when those thoughts or practices are exhibited in someone who will share so much of your life is very high. For this reason you should not enter into a relationship with someone who has tangibly different ideas or practices from you.

This is just common sense, but what should you do since you are already in such a relationship? Breaking it off immediately isn’t good enough, because in such relationships there is always the danger of a relapse. You should badger your boyfriend into gaining access to his bank accounts, then cancel his cards. Search his house and his wallet and shred any existing cards, then burn his house down and blow up his vehicles just for good measure.

After that you can break up with him, and never make such an erroneous relationship choice again.

Best Wishes,


Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

21 thoughts on “674: Boyfriend Has Different Credit Card

  1. So you’re the reason that chick burnt my whole life down. 😮‍💨now I have to find out where you live, hunt you down and destroy your life, too. Today’s TGIF tho, we’ll get to that on Monday

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