671: Hubert Goes To China

Hubert Horatio Hifflepowder was a renowned world traveller.

You might even call him a genuine cosmopolitan. Ask him where he had travelled and Hubert would sniff his nose in your general direction.

“More like where haven’t I travelled!” Sneered Hubert.

One of the places that Hubert had not travelled was the Vatican City. Well, at least not until today.

Today, as he walked up the steps of St. Peters Basilica, Hubert saw a tiny movement out of the corner of his eye. Something very small was moving on the steps near Hubert’s feet. He knelt down to see what it was, apparently some little bugs of some sort. Hubert didn’t recognize them. He put his hand down towards the bugs, and felt a sharp pang.

Hubert recoiled in surprise. He had been bitten on the finger.

For the first time Hubert had ever experienced Rome ants.

Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

21 thoughts on “671: Hubert Goes To China

  1. OMG – don’t tell me he fell in love with the Pieta. When I was trying to find my way to the Sistine Chapel I was about to enter a a double door. Two Swiss guard suddenly blocked the way. There was no passing them. Yet they were the politest nicest soldiers I have ever met. I was impressed out of my brain. Of course, they had sub-machine guns etc under their apparent medieval costume.

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