644: A Toast To The Workers!

A little over a year ago now I left my job. I didn’t have any concrete prospects at the time, but I was sure something would come up. Sure enough, after a few frustrating months, I found work doing something similar to what I had been doing before. At the time was working with one other employee, but that employee left in May to pursue another opportunity. The upshot of all this is that since May I have been working twice as hard. We’ve tried to find someone else to fill the gap, but it just hasn’t happened.

This is not to whine. I’m more than happy to be working, and I don’t even mind working hard. But if the statistics are to be believed my situation is not the least bit unique.

Check out the August numbers from the National Federation of Independent Business.

They are pretty astounding.

  • 50% of small businesses reported at least one unfilled position. Ten years ago this number was around 10%.
  • Over 30% are planning on hiring additional workers.
  • Small businesses lost an average of 0.29 workers last month.
  • 91% of those trying to hire reported finding few or no qualified applicant. (I don’t fully understand this number, because the report seemed to giver some conflicting data. But it’s pretty darn big.)

One of the big take aways that a lot of economist type people are getting from this is that this helping to contribute to an inflationary cycle where prices will spiral out of control and the value of the dollar will plummet.

I have no doubt that that’s true, but being as it’s labor day I’d like to set that discussion aside for the time being and raise a glass to the workers.

There flat out just ain’t enough of us.

I want to send a shout-out to Sam “Goldie” Kirk, over at One Day At A Time. Who got me started ranting about this subject. Sam is a thoughtful and interesting individual, and I greatly appreciate his blog.

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25 thoughts on “644: A Toast To The Workers!

  1. So glad you found a job, and yes, a big cheer to the workers, and especially all those over-worked people who’ve delivered stuff to my front door for over a year. Strange times ahead, I fear, though it’s hard to imagine they’ll be any stranger than things are now. I mean how many lies can a person believe all at once…

  2. I appreciate the creativity of your blog. I thought this was a serious one, but your writing style is so first person, I’ve got to read real good to see the clues (or await the punchline). Thanks for sprinkling in a bit of non fiction amidst your creative writing blog.

  3. congrats on finding a job so quickly.

    the first couple of stats confused me; 50% of small businesses have at least one unfilled position, but then only 30% are looking to hire more staff. Does that mean that if you are one person short, some businesses are thinking about adding two people?

  4. Eh…. I got you started and now YOU got me started!

    I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I got ‘promoted’ back in May (quite a coincidence with your timeline!). Oh, how excited I was. Until I found out that we could not find anyone to put in place for my old position. So I did the old job, the new job, and another person’s job who was no longer there. Then, I had to train someone while doing all of the above. Things are still not as they should be. I find myself always covering for someone but there is NEVER anyone covering for me and I have to do all the work when I get back while everyone else comes back to a clean desk… I’m just a sucker…

    In regards to recruitment – people that apply actually don’t want the job. We’ve had people from totally different industries/job fields apply with salary requirements MUCH higher than what the position would pay. After a while, I found out that those are people who are collecting unemployment and are happy about it. They have to show that they are ‘trying’ to get work while they chill at home and do nothing.

    There are SO many vacant positions in my company. Of course, in order to attract fresh meat, they are raising the wages, giving out all sorts of bonuses, all the while completely neglecting those that are already working there. That’s what’s wrong with the world! (It’s not the only thing, but one of many.)

    It’s shocking to me that all the news channels are not warning about a crash. There are VERY bad things to come. Can’t wait…

    (P.S. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to have you among my blogging buddies.)

    • Yowsers. I have seen all of this. The number of applicants we received for positions this summer who didn’t actually want to work was staggering. My boss had three interviews scheduled one day, and none of the applicants showed up. Now we have unemployment benefits ending, but I’m, according to a poll released last month 18% of Americans would quit their job if they were mandated to get the COVID vaccine.

      Oh boy. This is gonna be good.

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