622: Win-Win

Some people believe that we are all winners.

They are wrong. Some of us are winner, some of us are losers. This is a fact, but as such it does not preclude other facts which are just as relevant and perhaps even more true.

For example; even though there are both winners and losers in this world, we can still have win-win situations. In fact, I strongly endorse win-win situations, though not necessarily in the traditional meaning of the phrase.

A win-lose situation is suggestive of some sort of parity between winning and losing. An equal, and even, distribution of wins and losses between disparate members of society. I reject this win-lose philosophy as not only pernicious, but also bad. Society should not have an equal number of winners and losers, but an equal number of winners.

Most importantly, I believe that all of the winners should be me. I believe that I should not only win once, but also twice. This is the perfect definition of a win-win situation; a situation which confers on me a status unparalleled in modern society; that of being not only a winner, but also one who wins.

This is the type of win-win situation which is helpful, beneficial and provident. I endorse this type of win-win situation, and believe that all others should do the same.

I would consider that a win.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

39 thoughts on “622: Win-Win

  1. There are so many contests that all winners are sometimes losers and all losers are sometimes winners. So we win and lose which balances out. so some winning some of the time which is a win win. Now can someone tell me what I’m talking about
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