Bible Stories #4: A Baker, A Convict And A Sommelier

So Joseph got shoved in a well, then sold off to Egypt.

That all kind of sucked, but Joseph was the sort of guy to make the most of a bad situation, so he did alright until he refused to have sex with the wife of the guy who owned him. That kind of pissed the lady off, so she made up some story about him and had him thrown in prison.

While he was in prison Joseph started chatting with a couple of the other inmate. One of them was a baker, one of them was a sommelier. There wasn’t much to do in jail, so the baker and the sommelier started dreaming. The sommelier dreamed about squeezing wine out of grapes, and the baker dreamed about birds eating bread. Nothing about these dreams seems particularly extraordinary, but the guys were all in a tizzy about it, so they asked Joseph what the deal with the dreams was.

Joseph pointed at the sommelier. “You’re gonna live.” He said. “And you,” he said pointing at the baker, “are gonna die. Mr. Sommelier, when you live you should get me out of prison.

Sure enough the sommelier lived, and the baker died. But Joseph stayed in prison.

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24 thoughts on “Bible Stories #4: A Baker, A Convict And A Sommelier

  1. the musical based on this story is just about my all-time favorite, along with Camelot…

    and Joseph did ok, despite the sommelier (I always thought it was a butler…)

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