452: Waiting For a Sandwich

Erwin was waiting for his sandwich. He had been casting furtive glances at the Jimmy John’s menu taped to his monitor all morning, and had felt a slight tingle of excitement when he finally picked up the phone to order his #9 Italian Night Club. Now he drummed his fingers on the desk in anticipation, counting the minutes until the delivery driver brought him his sandwich.

One minute passed, then two minutes.

Erwin yawned. Waiting was hard.

Three minutes had gone by. Erwin yawned again.

Finally, after seventeen minutes, his sandwich arrived. Erwin devoured it with glee, then looked at his computer monitor.

It was 11:15 in the morning. Erwin had nothing else to look forward to.

Photo by Lovefood Art on Pexels.com

14 thoughts on “452: Waiting For a Sandwich

  1. That’s kind of freaky slow delivery for Jimmy John’s. Erwin could spend the rest of the day calling the manager, then the district manager and then regional, all the way up the line and get another sandwich for free.

  2. He clearly bit off more than he could chew. I’ve never ordered delivery or takeaway and it’s a good 20 years since I dined out! So the world is possibly a lot bigger and diverse than sometimes we envisage. Enjoyed the story nonetheless.

  3. Do you like JJ’s? Answer carefully.
    I don’t and find those JJ enthusiasts absolutely weird and insane.
    As far as looking forward to things – there is dinner (or other snacks earlier) to look forward to!

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