402: Ken’s Dragon

Unfortunately, I am very tired.

Why am I tired? Well, it started with a dragon. Ken’s dragon, to be precise.

For as long as I’ve known him, Ken has been extremely proud of his dragon. In my personal opinion, and this is just between you and me, Ken isn’t very good with pets, and probably shouldn’t have a Dragon. When he first got it, he kept it in his barn. It seemed like a good idea, a barn is kind of like a cave, but after a few months his barn burned down. Ken wasn’t so made about his barn burning down, but he was pretty mad that he couldn’t collect insurance money on it.

“It’s against our policy to keep a dragon in a barn.” The insurance company said.

Ken was fuming about it for months.

He was lucky to find a nice cave for his Dragon after that, but the mouth of the cave was on someone else’s property. Ken would go over to the cave and feed the dragon twice a day, but pretty soon the person who owned the land wised up, and started sitting out there with a .12 gauge filled with rock salt. Ken tried to point out that the dragon was actually on his property, since only the mouth of the cave was on the other land.

“It’s just an access dispute!” Said Ken.

Try making that argument when your hindquarters are full of rock salt.

That’s when Ken hired me to dig a new entrance to the cave, one that was on his property.

So that’s where I am today. I broke half of my fingernails digging the hole, got seven blisters, my back hurts and on top of it the dragon freaked out when I finally broke through into the cave, so my hair is all singed.

I am very tired.

Did I mention that my hindquarters are full of rock salt?

Drawing by Dumbestblogger

17 thoughts on “402: Ken’s Dragon

  1. That’s a cute dragon, but I think the SPCD (society for the prevention of cruelty to dragons) should be called as Ken is not looking after it properly. I bet he didn’t pay you what you deserved either. Ken.

  2. I was once burned by the dragon clause in my barn insurance policy. Which is perhaps ironic because I was never burned by the dragon, nor indeed hurt by the dragon’s claws.

  3. I am wondering why you dug he lair with your fingernails as opposed to a back hoe? Machines like that are much more fireproof. You might have even been able to do it quick enough to avoid the rock salt. Just a thought

    May Laughter find you often

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