397: Bull In A China Shop

“I wouldn’t say I’m happy about it, per se…”

“Well what’d ya say?”

“I would say that, in the balance of everything, one must look at the positive and negative effects of everything.”

“Sort a positive effects we talkin bout?”

“Well, I would say that very few male bovines have an opportunity to learn the finer elements of civilized society, and that the situation which you are describing presents just such an opportunity.”

“Ya think puttin’ a bull in a china shop ‘s a good idea cause it’ll learn the bull ta drink tea?”

“That’s not precisely how I would have put it, but more or less yes, that’s the idea.”

“That’s bull. Ain’t no bull ever learnt ta drink tea, and no bull’d wanna.”

“That strikes me as a very narrow, and unrefined way of looking at the situation.”

“Sorry ya find my opinions unrefined.”

“It’s not that I find your opinions unrefined, as you put it, merely that…”

“Sorry ta interrupt. How’d ya like your steak?”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

21 thoughts on “397: Bull In A China Shop

  1. Civil discourse has it’s place, but when the time for action arrives you find out who just talks bull and who eats bull for lunch.

  2. As it is said there are always options. I’m not sure I would like refined beef. First a cup or two of tea next they’re running for congress then we end up with a whole load of BS running the country, Medium Rare is surely the better choice.

    Laugh On

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