389: Forever Young

Long ago, and far, far away there lived an evil witch. She lived in a grand old castle, and on the wall of her chamber was ancient mirror. There were many grand and ornate pieces of furniture in the castle, and the mirror didn’t seem like much to look at, but this was a magic mirror.

No, it didn’t tell her that she was the most beautiful person in the land, it didn’t show her goings on in far away countries,  it didn’t let her glimpse the future. The purpose of this mirror was much more pedestrian than that. In short, it was a prison. Anyone who ran afoul of the witches evil schemes would be sucked into the mirror, and be forced to live a pointless and purposeless life in the space behind the glass.

Over the years the witch imprisoned many innocent souls in her magic mirror, but one day she came to a horrifying realization.

She had always enjoyed admiring her reflection in the glass. It made her feel cruel and powerful, to see her beautiful face, and to know that the reflection masked the suffering and agony of all who had crossed her. But on this day, when she looked in the mirror, the witch discovered something that shocked her, and destroyed the pleasure of her cruel pass time.

She looked in the mirror, and saw gray hair, wrinkles, and sagging eyes.

“I am growing old!” Moaned the witch.

What could be done? She knew no magic spells or potions that could erse the curse of age from her body. She searched her spell books, she asked other witches, there seemed to be no answer.

“Someone help me break this curse!” Cried the witch.

A young computer programmer heard her cry. He turned the witch into a few simple lines of code. Now she lives in the space behind a computer screen, and is forever young.

Photo by Drigo Diniz on Pexels.com

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