379: I’m Not Buying It!

“I’m not buying it!”

Alicia put down the giant pizza cutter, and glared at the store manager. $32 was too much to spend on a pizza cutter.

“I’m just the messenger,” the store manager replied. Throwing up her hands.

Alicia thought it was entirely outrageous. She marched down the street. At the next store she saw a pizza cutter that was only $14.

“I’m gonna have a pizza part tonight!” She said to no one in particular.

That evening she sat down by herself and devoured a gluten-free, lactose free, vegetarian pizza with no tomatoes.

When the meal was done she rinsed off her new pizza cutter and put it in a drawer with 13 other pizza cutters. Every one of them had been stolen.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

23 thoughts on “379: I’m Not Buying It!

  1. If they had been stolen, how come they were still in the drawer? I remember the piazza in Sienna but not much else. I ate McDonalds in Sienna, and the couple through the wall in the next room kept me awake all night. If I had had a pizza cutter I would’ve used it. This comment (of mine) has just gotten out of control…

  2. 1. That is the most godawful looking slice of pizza I have ever seen.
    2. $14 dollars for a pizza cutter? I’m sure they sell them in poundland. I’ll be down there when this Lockdown is finished. I could be the first Ebay millionaire.
    3. No pineapple. No. Never ever ever. No!

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