373: Written In Stone

“Nothing is written in stone.” Said Anthony’s Father.

Anthony believed him. Then he went to the graveyard.

“Look at all this stuff that’s written in stone!” Said Anthony.

His father merely grunted.

On the ride home from the graveyard an idea began to form in Anthony’s head. An idea that would possess the next several years of his life.

Anthony wanted to write something in stone.

He found a remote mountain, and carved these words deep into the side; “Written in Stone.”

The letters were one-hundred feet tall, and carved six feet deep into the mountain. Anthony was extremely proud of his work.

On the day that he completed his project a hydrogen bomb was dropped on the mountain, totally obliterating it.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com


20 thoughts on “373: Written In Stone

  1. A short paragraph but it lead me to so many thoughts about life. We keep on working each day thinking about our future not knowing what is actually going to happen. It is almost always that we move in one direction and life takes us in a completely different direction.

  2. Perhaps I could suggest a sequel to this wonderful tale?

    Years after the bomb, and when the radiation had settled, Anthony and his father went on a trip to the mountain range.

    As they trekked high through the area they came across a word, in ten feet high letters……”NOTHING”….it said.

    “There you are, I told you so”, Anthony’s father’s voice echoed through the range.

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