368: The Art Of Being On Time

This is the first in a series of three theatre related ghost stories.Β 

Theatre is the art of being on time.

That’s what Mrs. MacDonell believed, and that’s how she ran her theatre.

“When you show up to rehearsal, I expect you to show up on time.” She told her cast on the night of the first read-through.

And she meant it. They were rehearsing “The Glass Menagerie.” On the second night Erin Brockway, who was playing Amanda, showed up 7 minutes and 43 seconds late. Mrs MacDonnell had it out with her in front of the entire cast. Erin was left in a puddle of terror, every limb trembling.

It was the last time anyone was late to rehearsal.

As rehearsals progressed some of the cast members began noticing strange things happening around the theatre. Samantha, who played Laura, was sure that her glass animals were being moved around between shows. Bill Summers, who played Tom, found his stage cigarettes half smoked on numerous occasions.

Little things like this were hard to account for, but perhaps it was all just coincidence.

On the night of the first dress rehearsal Erin was backstage, waiting for her cue, when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around quickly, but no one was there. It had to be a ghost. She was sure of it.

“I think there’s a ghost backstage.” She told Mrs. MacDonell.

“No one is ever late at my theatre.” Came the reply.

Photo by Monica Silvestre on Pexels.com

41 thoughts on “368: The Art Of Being On Time

  1. Eke! That gave me the shivers. I’m not a fan of going into a theatre on my own – and in fact the Mill Theatre in Christchurch NZ where most of my plays were done had a rule “Never alone!” because of the ghost.

  2. The Ghost Phantom of the Theatre …

    Familiar with the ghosts of Gettysburg, Sharpsburg, Spook Mountain and other Civil War Sites!
    And an occasional personal ghost on a night-terror fright night! πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

  3. “Too late, late forever,” Mrs. MacDonnell would warn. That’s why the animals never were late on Old MacDonnell’s farm. E-I-E-I-Oooooooo!

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