364: The Last French Fry

There was one french fry left in the bag.

Laura looked at Todd. Todd looked at Laura.

“You can have it.” Said Laura.

Todd took the french fry.

“What’s wrong?” asked Todd.

“Nothing.” Said Laura.

Todd walked outside and examined the dog house. At least it was well built.

Winter was coming.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

29 thoughts on “364: The Last French Fry

  1. Come on, Todd! Everybody knows the last French fry isn’t really just a French fry. It is imbued (through mysterious powers understood only by the female of our species) with special properties designed to negate the meaning of a woman’s words spoken in polite declination and give men severe indigestion, while giving women an unaccountable sense of being loved and cared for. Clearly Todd is either a slow learner or perhaps the antacids that he takes have clouded his sensibilities.

  2. If you value you relationship and probably your head never believe it when your significant other says you can the last one. Better the thing be burned in the fires of Hell than you eat it and be punished for the rest of your life

    Laugh On

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