362: The Man With Three Brains

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Stephen A. Manly was the smartest man in the entire world.

For a while that was enough. But after he had completed a six week run on Jeopardy that Stephen decided to make some changes.

“I’m just too smart for my brain.” He told his wife, Gloryanne. “I think I need another one.”

It all sounded very scary to Gloryanne, who was never fond of hospitals, but who was she to argue with the smartest man in the world?

“Ok,” she said. “If you think so.”

The procedure went swimmingly. When Stephen woke up he was even smarter than he had been before. He wasn’t quite twice as smart, his first brain was still the best brain in existence, but he was significantly smarter.

“I’m so glad it worked!” Said Gloryanne. She had been sitting in the waiting room the whole time, waiting for Stephen to wake up.

Stephen was happy too. Being smarter felt good.

After he had cured cancer Stephen decided to make another change.

“I need more brain space,” he said.

Once more Stephen and Gloryanne went to the hospital. Once more Gloryanne sat nervously in the waiting room. Once more Stephen woke up.

The surgery had been a smashing success. The third brain was slightly better than the second! (But not quite as good as the first.)

Gloryanne rushed in to see him.

“Oh, honey, I’m so glad you’re awake! She said.

Stephen turned, and smiled.

“I feel great, Martha.” He replied.

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

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