343: Stupid Light

Stupid light is blinking again.

Just sit in here and watch the light, they said. Let us know when it blinks.

I hate it when the light blinks. 

The years I’ve spent in this concrete bunker, waiting for the light to blink. It’d be enough to bore you out of your mind. They put my food in that hole over there, and that’s about it. Eat the food, stare at the light and wait for it to blink. I’m supposed to radio them when it starts blinking. 

Food’s not very good either.

Why does the light blink? I dunno. Earthquakes, and nuclear war and shit I guess. Doesn’t affect me much down here, but up top they get pretty worked up when the light starts to blink. 


Think I’ll take a nap

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

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