332: Land Issues

The Waldo family had owned the land since ’38. Grandpa Henrik and Grandma Jane had farmed it back then. After they passed on their son Greg took over. He didn’t farm it, he lived in Milwaukee and rented it out to somebody who lived down the road.

He’d come back a couple times a year, mostly for deer hunting. He brought his daughter, Jean, with him a couple times, but she was never that into deer hunting. Now that Greg had passed on Jean was in charge of the land.

Jean preferred Milwaukee.

She decided to sell the land to a developer who would break it up into little parcels and sell them to people. Jean was going to make a lot of money from the sale, and she was very excited.

Jean was in her office one Saturday morning at 11 O’clock when the phone rang. It was the developer. They had found a large sinkhole at the back of the property.

Jean sat back in her chair, and gazed out the window.

What should she do with this plot hole?

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

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