330: The Pickle

There was only one pickle in the jar.

There had been more pickles, but now there was only one. The pickles had been taken out of the jar one at a time.

The pickles which had been taken out of the jar were green. The one pickle which remained in the jar was also green. Most pickles are green.

Some of the pickles had been used in sandwiches, but one pickle had been eaten whole by Franko Balducci. Franko liked pickles, although in his opinion this pickle had been decidedly average.

In fact, two days after eating the pickle he entirely forgot about it.

There was still one pickle in the jar.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

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25 thoughts on “330: The Pickle

  1. I knew it! I just knew it was Franko Balducci what took the pickle! He left that last one in the jar becuase he knew if he ate the last one he’d have to buy more. Just like the guy what drinks the last cup of coffee in the breakroom but don’t make no more. Phooey on Franko!

  2. He left one pickle because if he’d taken the last one – he would have had to throw the jar away?
    (gasp!) Not until the jar was REALLY empty, I would hope. Pickle juice is not something to take lightly – yanno.

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