329: The Tie That Binds

Blessed be the tie that binds
All Melons with a rind
The things that grow
And things that sink
In quagmire sublime

Old Hymn

“I clearly have lost control of my life,” said Wilson as he put a $30,000 gold watch on the counter. The man behind the counter smiled as he picked it up.

With the money from the pawn shop Wilson bought a one way ticket to China.

Halfway across the ocean the boat sank.

The man at the pawn shop got to keep the watch.

Photo by Segopotso Makhutja on Pexels.com

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38 thoughts on “329: The Tie That Binds

  1. The pawn shop man was lucky it wasn’t valueless – like a banana or something. (Note: I can’t get onto my own blog at present – it seems to be blocked. I can see everyone else’s. Hope I haven’t said or done anything naughty. Anyway – I can’t comment on comments made until it gets fixed.)

  2. Hey, Wilson here.
    I’ve been living on this island ever since I swam ashore after my boat sank on its slow journey to China. I think it’s called Long Island. Is there anyone out there? Can someone tell me the time please?

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