323: How To Solve Math Problems

It takes a very smart individual to solve a problem by making it more complicated, but it take a genius to solve a problem by making it simpler.


The worst problems are math problems. I don’t have a clue about math, but I do know how to solve a problem. Let’s take a crack at solving some basic math problems.

1+1= This problem is found in most elementary math textbooks, and is supposedly foundational for a proper understanding of mathematics. We could add a a number at the end of this problem. That would certainly solve the problem, however it would go against our cardinal rule of making the problem simpler. We don’t want more numbers, we want fewer numbers. The proper way to solve this problem is to eliminate the equals sign. The solved problem reads 1+1. All loose ends are tied up and the problem is solved.
2+2= This problem can be solved in the same way as the problem above.

πr² This problem presents a major problem. For starters, it cannot decide if it is plural or singular. A proper sentence might read something like “this pie is square.” To throw out all of the rules of grammar in the pursuit of mathematical truth is an affront to the English language. I propose to solve this problem with the simple idea that pies are sliced. 

e=mc² Seriously guys, MC Hammer is not a square. Some days I wonder why I try. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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16 thoughts on “323: How To Solve Math Problems

  1. I thought there was a mistake in the calculations on the posting’s picture. Now they’ll never know 2×281789324.2340980983457. Some people are just plain thick.

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