308: Ice Cream And A Sunset

I was recently contacted about my powerful travel article entitled “Ice Cream And a Sunset.” I was touched. But then I realized I had never written an article entitled “Ice Cream and a Sunset.” Obviously this situation needed rectification. 

 *      *      *

“Ice Cream?”

“Yeah, Ice Cream? Gotta problem?”

“Do you really think that’s the best food to take on this trip?”

“Yep. It’ll keep you cool.”

Jenny shrugged. She did like Ice Cream.

She settled into the cockpit, and listened to the countdown.


The rocket jolted into space, and Jenny settled in for her three and a half year trip. It was a grueling journey. Long before she reached her destination she was exhausted by the heat and light. She kept a vigilant, unwavering eye on her spacecraft, nervous that it would break down and she would be stuck out here in space.

But she kept going, and finally she was there. As she stepped onto the surface of the sun she licked a refreshing ice cream cone. Her mind flashed back to her childhood in Montana, eating ice cream and watching the sunset.

There’s nothing better than ice cream and a sunset.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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