297: Where Dreams Go To Die

There are places where dreams go to die.

Sometimes it is a warehouse without any windows, sometimes it’s a tiny cubicle among a hundred other tiny cubicles, but, for the most part, dreams die in boxes.

“That dream won’t get you anywhere, pack it away and get a real job!”

“Why don’t you do something with your life?”

It’s not the job that kills the dream, it’s the box. Dreams need air, and sunlight and water.

McDaniel has been taking care of his dream for 97 years. It’s planted in the sun, he water it every day and any time a bug tries to eat a piece of it he kills the bug and throws it away.

Some would say that McDaniel is a failure. Sure, he’s done alright. He’s never starved, and the people who know him generally like him. But the sad truth is that McDaniel’s dream is only 6 inches tall.

“Sure,” says McDaniel with a toothless grin, “but it’s alive.”

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

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20 thoughts on “297: Where Dreams Go To Die

  1. Young men see visions, old men dream dreams. Acts 2:17

    (I’ve sat here for 1/2 an hour trying to think of something sensible or helpful to say – all pretty much to no avail. But don’t let the dreams fade even if they get put in a box…)

  2. I had a dream when I was a boy. I don’t have it anymore but it didn’t die. My parents said it went to live on a farm and it’s very happy.

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