296: The Adequate Blogger Award

I am excited to accept the adequate blogger award!

This award was created by James at James Proclaims. I want to thank James for creating this award. He has a truly adequate blog. You should check it out.

I also want to take a moment to thank James for nominating me. He has a super awesome blog which has poetry and haiku and limericks and poems and also some really brilliant art. You should totally check out his blog now.

The rules

Create a post about the award and in it do the following things:

  1. Thank James for creating this award and post a link to his wonderful blog James Proclaims
  2. You might want to thank the person who nominated you. It’s up to you. As long as you have thanked James, then that’s the main thing.
  3. Answer whatever stupid questions the person who nominated you asked you to answer.
  4. Write your own stupid questions for the people you nominate to answer (don’t overthink this bit, it’s really just a box ticking exercise)
  5. Nominate quite a lot of other bloggers to receive this award; the more the merrier really.
  6. Harass all of your nominees repeatedly until they ‘accept the award’ by writing a post on their blog which may or may not answer the stupid questions but which definitely does include a heartfelt tribute to James and a link back to his earth-shatteringly brilliant blog James Proclaims

James’s stupid questions:

  1. Who? Amerigo Vespucci. No one is really sure what Mr. Vespucci accomplished in his life, but he did manage to get his first name attached to two major continents.
  2. What? Gelisol, is a soil defined by the presence of permafrost.
  3. Why? I honestly have no idea.
  4. Where? Olympus Mon, is the largest volcano on the solar system. It’s on Mars.
  5. When? Thursday, July 31st, 1231 AD.
  6. How? Faster than a speeding bullet.

My Stupid Questions:

  1. Do you like birds?
  2. What is your favorite movie?
  3. When was the last time you used a pencil?
  4. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  5. What is the biggest problem facing the human race at this moment in history?
  6. If James has 42 pieces of chocolate, and Joe has 37 pieces of chocolate, and both James and Joe give 3 pieces of chocolate to Susan, then what is the moral significance of James having 42 pieces of chocolate to begin with?

My Nominees:

PoojaG, is an outstanding blogger and all around good person. I am in awe of her drive and discipline.

Brother’s Campfire, writes a fantastic blog. I enjoy reading about his personal exploits, his epic breakfasts and his occasional forays into the land of fiction.

Bruce, I genuinely appreciate this human. His blog is one of my favorite things on the internet, and he loves awards.

The Alchemist, is not only a hardworking blogger but also a first class potter.

Betal Erbasi, jots down very enjoyable stories over on her blog. I always take a moment to finish her compilations.

hjonnason, writes in a fun and whimsical voice from the faraway land of Sweden.

erroneouschoices, I always appreciate erroneouschoices poetic musings. I can’t do her work justice by describing it, but I am a fan.

Thanks for reading! It was such an honor to be nominated for this award!

Artwork by James

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25 thoughts on “296: The Adequate Blogger Award

  1. I love the questions for you! And your answers are outstanding! I was on Mars on Thursday, July 31st, 1231 AD. Too bad I missed it:(
    Thanks for the nomination! I will answer your questions.

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