290: An Interview With Seriousblogger

Seriousblogger is one of my greatest inspirations. As a blogger, artist and original think Seriousblogger is almost unparalleled. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Seriousblogger and discuss the state of the world, blogging and what’s really important to focus on at this moment in history. It was a very illuminating conversation. Seriousblogger wanted me to remind everyone to wear their masks, and to let readers know that this interview was conducted using proper social distancing guidelines.  

Hello, Seriousblogger, it so good to talk to you! I have been so inspired by your blog. What inspired you to start blogging?

Seriousblogger: Well, I just take the world very seriously, and I wanted other people to take it seriously too.

Dumbestblogger: So you felt some sort of moral responsibility?

Seriousblogger: Exactly. People are just so flippant about everything these days. I hate it.

Dumbestblogger: I understand.What do you hate most about the world?

Seriousblogger: Besides the obvious?

Dumbestblogger: Just in general, what is it that really ticks you off?

Seriousblogger: Between Trump, COVID and global warming the planet is doomed, and nobody cares. This is no time for silly limericks, or funny stories. We need to focus on serious things. Any blogger who writes a funny story should be shot.

Dumbestblogger: What’s your position on gun control?

Seriousblogger: Ban them all.

Dumbestblogger: That’s very sensible. I notice that you post a lot of personal stories on your blog. What’s the connection between those stories and your overall concerns about the state of the world?

Seriousblogger: Honestly my life kind of sucks. It’s important that people know how much my life sucks.

Dumbestblogger: I agree. I find the stories about how much your life sucks to be extremely powerful.

Seriousblogger: Thanks. It’s important that people know my emotional state. Besides the fact that there are children starving to death in Africa I think one of the most important issues facing the world is the fact that I experience depression and anxiety.

Dumbestblogger: That’s a very good point. Is there anything else you would like to share with people?

Seriousblogger: I just want people to take things seriously. The next time some stupid blogger thinks about writing a silly story, or wasting everybody’s time with a long winded pun or sharing some pointless haiku with the world I want them to think about what it brings to humanity. Does it improve us as human beings? Does it address the major inequities that exist in our society? If the answer is no, we don’t need to hear it. Please keep that garbage to yourself.

Dumbestblogger: Thanks so much Seriousblogger! You’re a true inspiration, I really appreciate your contributions and willingness to sit down and chat.

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

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50 thoughts on “290: An Interview With Seriousblogger

  1. Seriousblogger’s out of control jealousy came through loud and clear. I would watch your back – and also your front and sides and top and bottom.

      • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh New Zealand has gone into lockdown again with 4 cases of Covid 19 after 100*-free corona -free days. So I don”t know what I think anymore. The Prime Minister thinks she’s in line for the Nobel Peace Prize so anything goes… I’ll sign off before I swear…

  2. I can’t believe you got the seriousblogger interview. I’ve based my entire blogging career to date on trying to emulate seriousblogger. I see now I’ve made a few mistakes but I plan on rectifying all of that immediately!

  3. Seriousblogger may have a point. But I believe the opposite The more problems we have the more v need the fluff I Challenge seriousblogger And I will continue making nonsense to my hearts content

    Stay well and Laugh at the world

  4. Jeez man. I have never written a haiku (and probably will not do so until I have googled it). I would like you to ask seriousblogger a question for me, as you obviously have his ear. I TRY to be amusing, but so rarely succeed, I feel that I must be spared his wrath. Also, my life sucks too – AND, if you’re interested, my hoover does not. Life is so unfair!

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