289: The Boat

Angela wore glasses.

She also had a cabin on Lake Wuskamtosa.

She like the cabin on the lake better than her glasses, and she liked the lake even better than the cabin. In the summertime it was hard to get her away from it. She was an excellent swimmer, and she loved boats, so she was never at a loss for entertainment. The lake was one of the most exciting things in her life. She swam every morning. When she got tired of swimming she would jump in her boat and start riding around the lake.

Driving the boat around the lake was quite fun. Sometimes she would stay out in her boat until well after dark. On one such day it was almost completely dark by the time Angela brought the boat back. As she squinted into the gloom she realized that she had forgotten her glasses.

Oh, bother.

As hard as she squinted she just couldn’t see exactly where the dock was. Imagine her surprise when she heard the hull of her boat grating roughly against it. When she inspected the damage Angela discovered that the dock had punched a small hole in the side of her boat.

She swore a blue streak. The words which came from her mouth are unsuitable for the printed page, but those who observed the incident were thoroughly impressed by Angela’s ability to diss a pier.

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com

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