266: Home

When Avi was a child he would run into the house just as his mother was pulling cookies out of the oven. He would grab one off the tray and bit into the warm, gooey goodness of it. A few moments later, with chocolate smeared across his face, he would be back on his bike and riding off on some wild new adventure.

Wild adventures and chocolate chip cookies were a constant joy in Avi’s life, but as he got older he started to wish that he had someone to share his cookies and adventures with. When he met Maria he was sure he had found the one.

Life with Maria was a blast. She loved chocolate chip cookies, and she was always up for something crazy and fun. The hiked the Andes, travelled across America on bicycles, and kayaked in the great lakes. Avi and Maria just couldn’t see themselves settling down in the typical suburban lifestyle, so they decided to build a tiny house.

That’s when things got complicated. The couldn’t decide what they wanted. If Avi wanted one thing in the house Maria would want another thing.

“No, we don’t need a golf simulation room.” Avi would say.

“Well we don’t need a dishwasher either.” Countered Maria.

After several months Avi and Maria decided to get rid of everything they couldn’t agree on. Item after item was checked off the list. At long last Avi and Maria realized the truth; they really only wanted one thing out of their house. The wanted chocolate chip cookies.

In the end Avi and Maria ended up living a very typical version of the American dream in their home on the range.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

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