259: The Hammer

Ken swung the hammer down sharply on the head of the nail and it sunk into the wood. The nail sunk into the wood that is, not the hammer. Ken was still holding the hammer. He brought it down again and drove in another nail.

These days most carpenters use nails guns, but Ken was old school. No one ever shot themselves with a hammer.

He brought the hammer down again. The nail stayed put. His thumbnail splintered as the blood oozed out from underneath it.

Nail guns are nice too.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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27 thoughts on “259: The Hammer

  1. I have a neighbor that gets upset every time I hit a nail when hanging a picture. I hit the nail once and she immediately pounds three times! So I replay by hitting the wall with my fist three time. Would it be better just to shoot her?

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