252: A Harmless Prank

Such a harmless little prank.

Flint had been working on it for several years. After all, it’s not easy to to manufacture a black hole, but he’d finally been able to get together enough explosives to blow up the sun. According to his calculations it should blow up at exactly 8:34 AM.

Flint looked at his watched expectantly. At 8:34 he looked up at the sky; Nothing happened.

8 minutes later everything went dark. Flint looked at his watch again. It was beginning to move backwards. Everything was working correctly.

Flint leaned his chair back against the wall, in total contentment.

The wall wasn’t there.

So fun.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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16 thoughts on “252: A Harmless Prank

  1. It’s funny how it would be as if the sun was still around as long as it can be seen. I believe because the space-time ripple would travel at the speed of light?
    That’s why they say: The best way to face your problems, is to look the other way.

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