249: The 200th Floor

Mindy climbed up the next set of stairs, and gazed out over the city. It was an absolutely gorgeous view, and she still had twenty floors to go. She turned around and looked at the interior.


It was honestly kind of boring. But she was still enjoying her tour of the new skyscraper. The views alone made it worthwhile.

She climbed up the next set of stairs, and even more of the city was visible. She climbed and climbed, drinking in the world beneath her. The height made her head feel clear.

She kept climbing.

Finally she was at the top. The 200th floor. The apex of architectural expression and constructed beauty. She moved towards the windows, looking out at the city. She leaned against the window for a better look.

To be honest, the skyscraper wasn’t quite finished.

This post is dedicated to Ghislaine Maxwell, and random untimely accidents. 

Photo by Philipp Birmes on Pexels.com

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