243: Bigfoot is Real

Schwartz was convinced that Bigfoot was real, but try as he might he couldn’t find any evidence. And he most certainly did try.

He spent months in the woods looking for clues. He spent hours pouring over obscure documents. He followed up on every lead he found. But it was all hopeless. Regardless of how many forests he staked out, or how many strange old men he talked to who claimed to have seen Bigfoot over the next hill, he never came any closer to finding the mythical beast.

Then, one day as Schwartz was doing research on the internet, he came across something that was absolutely conclusive. Finally he could prove that Bigfoot was real.

A footprint this big could not be refuted, even if it was digital.

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

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30 thoughts on “243: Bigfoot is Real

  1. I think it’s been over ten years ago now, but the Denver Post did a front page article, that went on to a third page, about sightings here in the Colorado Rockies (The mountains, not the ball team) and elsewhere. Poor Schwartz. Had he never heard of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky?

  2. BigFoots could walk across a town waving at the people, yet no one will believe they exist. Videos will be rubbished and witnesses will be laughed at.
    That’s probably why the Little Green Man standing on my roof has not yet been found.

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