234: Unidentified Objects

Elnora hadn’t seen any flying saucers tonight. It was really quite a disappointment, traveling way out here away from the noise and light pollution, and not seeing a single flying saucer light up the sky.

Elnora shivered. Morning would be here soon. No one wanted to be around the abandoned military base in the daytime.

She turned to go. She had only gone a few steps when she bumped into something. It was alive.

Had she finally found an extraterrestrial life form? Was she safe? Her mind raced about what might happened next.

The cow let out a long, low moo.

Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

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37 thoughts on “234: Unidentified Objects

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  2. I never think of cows as especially scary until I meet one. Then I find that I am quite intimidated. Perhaps tipping them is the answer but I’m never sure how much is appropriate.

  3. And with surgical precision the cow cut off Elnora’s lips, got back in the mother ship and took off
    Scientists wondered for years what really happened but all they had was a fuzzy picture of something that seemed to jump over the moon

    Stay well and laugh my friend

  4. that’s great! so proud to be related to this guy! and cows can be really quite terrifying to city folks I think. no wonder she was scared.

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