233: The Perfect Plan

The plan was perfect.

“Dismantling the Egyptian pyramids seems like a difficult task,” said Phil, “but we can certainly accomplish it.”

Phil paused for a moment, this was the biggest presentation he had ever given, and honestly he was a little nervous. He looked out over the crowd, and tried to control his racing pulse. Taking a deep breath, he continued on.

“It will take seven years to assemble the cranes which will be used to move the stones. Laying the explosives will take an additional five years. There’s going to be a lot of chiseling. We will be digging a canal to the base of the pyramids, and the stone which we remove will be placed on barges. These barges will carry the stone far out into the ocean, where the stone will be dumped.”

“All told we have seven engineering crews working on this project around the clock, and the heads of those crews will each be giving presentations on this subject over the next couple of days. Are there any questions?”

A hand in the back of the room lifted timidly.

“Yes, you in the back.”

“Um, uh, why are we trying to dismantle the pyramids?”

Photo by David McEachan on Pexels.com

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20 thoughts on “233: The Perfect Plan

  1. Genius.
    1. If the pyramids were constructed by aliens, then we definitely don’t want them to think that we like a part of their culture.
    2. Were the builders properly paid? Did they do so on their own volition? I think we’ll need to look into their descendants and ask some difficult questions.

  2. Has the schedule been adjusted for social distancing of workers, and will they need to sign agreements not to sue. Secondly, will all explosives used be environmentally friendly.

    • I appreciate your concern. All efforts have been taken to ensure the physical well-being of our workers and the general well-being of the global environment. If you need more specific information I would direct you to our Vice-president for environmental impact issues, as well as our health and human resources department.

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